Blue Specter Engineering, LLC

The art of Mechanical Engineering is a broad field that can touch almost all of human kind’s creations and assist in the understanding of many of the wonders of nature.

Pride and passion at Blue Specter Engineering is in the mastery of the areas of engineering that study and improve the liberation, control and use of energy. It is not enough to simply burn a fuel, it must be burned in a controlled way and systems must be in place that can capture and put the heat to use. It is not enough to own a pump, the pump must be matched to the intended fluid and application.  It is not enough to want something to be hotter or colder but conditions and machines must be deliberately set up to promote the desired heating or cooling.  All of these problems are studied in the interrelated fields of:

Fluid Mechanics

    Compressible and Incompressible Flows


    Analysis of state and phase change properties


    Liquid and gaseous fuel systems

Heat Transfer

    Active and passive systems

The goal of Blue Specter is to provide analysis of a system for presentation of elegant solutions that avoid the brute force approach .

Blue Specter utilizes both traditional as well as modern analytical tools for its problem solving arsenal. “While sledgehammers are great, they are overkill for taking out mosquitos.”, says Paul.  Click here to learn more about problem solving tools.