Blue Specter Engineering, LLC

Diesel Engine Research:

After some discussion with advisors at the Engine Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Paul, Principal of Blue Specter set about to earn his Ph.D. The stated goal of the research was to investigate, optically, the behavior of the Diesel fuel injection spray. Among the many requirements, the platform used must be representative of a production combustion chamber and the engine must be capable of running under its own power.  It took 4-1/2 years to design and build the laboratory in which this feat was accomplished.  Below is the resulting engine.


Front Side of a Caterpillar 1Y541 single cylinder oil test engine modified for optical diagnostic research.  Lower section of the engine with the crankshaft, cylinder and reciprocating assembly remained in largely original configuration.  Upper section of the engine, including the cylinder head was modified to allow installation of a sapphire window. Exhaust ports and valve train were changed to accommodate operation on a single exhaust valve. The injector port was milled and special adapters were developed and installed to allow for the use of a hydraulic electronic unit injector. (HEUI)