Blue Specter Engineering, LLC

Custom Engine Development:

Engines, they are all around us both as an industrial prime mover as well as a consumer item.  It has been estimated that between cars, motorized sporting equipment, lawn mowers and weed whackers the average home owns and average of eight engines. For most people the engine as delivered is a suitable for the intended purpose.  For others, either out of need or hobby, custom engine development is desired if not required. By no means should the term “custom engine” be interpreted as the ubiquitous small block Chevrolet engine.  Custom engines are as diverse as the applications for them. Below are two more unusual examples. Blue Specter uses Motion Software’s Dynomation Pro engine modeling software as an aid in planning custom engines.


1996 sponsorship photograph of “White Heat” a Land Speed Record Holder.  Blue Specter participated in continued evolution of the 1.5 liter engine used in “White Heat”. Modifications of the pistons, induction system and valve train resulted in a August 2000 H/GCC class land speed record of 144.396 MPH.  This record still stands.


Chrysler 225 cubic inch (3.7L) “Slant Six” prior to installation in a mid-1970s Dodge Dart. This engine featured forged pistons, ported cylinder head, two barrel carburetor and upgraded ignition system. Power output was increased from 115 to 140 horsepower on regular gas while maintaining compliance with all applicable emission standards.




Valve train for “White Heat” Land Speed Race car being assembled by Paul, Principal of Blue Specter, prior to the trip to the 1997 Speed week